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What would you say if I told you I’d found the perfect shopping solution?  Now, you might wonder what I could possibly be talking about. After all, shopping is pretty damn good as it is.  Why fix what isn’t broken?  Well, I would have agreed with you… had I not found Endource.  So, to answer the question I’m sure you’re all asking, Endource is an online cross-brand shopping platform, which may sound pretty standard but it’s better than just that.  It brings the dressing room to your home by allowing you to try up to £1000 worth of items in the comfort of your bedroom without paying a penny.  How exactly does it work?  Well, all you have to do is put together your order, put in your card details but nothing gets charged until you’ve sent the items you don’t want to keep back.  It’s genius and super easy.  It means you can order multiple sizes or styles you’d like to try, and all without having to shell out a hefty sum in advance (I’ve abandoned many an order because of this) or patiently wait for the refund (we’ve all been there).

What’s wrong with the real dressing room experience, I hear you ask?  Well, in short, nothing.  But there are a few reasons I love Endource, dare I say it, more than actually going to the shops.  First, I don’t always have the time – as a busy mum, who seems to cram every minute of  “free time” with life admin, it’s hard to find an hour to swan around London trying on at my every whim. Second, not every shop has what you’re looking for; you might find yourself going to multiple H&M stores to find that elusive pair of sequin trousers you wanted to try and frankly H&M hopping is not my idea of a great afternoon.  And finally, we all know that some things look better styled up; throwing on that gorgeous dress with the wrong underwear and no heels can be a real turn off.  With Endource, you eliminate all of these problems.  Your parcel is delivered to your home with exactly what you ordered – no scouring the shelves required.  You can try on at your leisure and style up outfits mixing and matching from your box or your own wardrobe until your heart’s content.  It’s fast becoming my favourite way to shop… and yes, I might be writing this post as part of a collaboration… but I actually approached them because I thought the idea was great. And I wasn’t disappointed.

So, as the temperature turns quite literally freezing, I’ve put together a winter capsule edit of some of Endource’s most classic (and cold weather appropriate) pieces, those staples you’ll be wearing season after season.  When I think about my style, I’m all about striving for simple sophistication, minimalist pieces that come together to make a look that’s as effortless as it is stylish, and this edit has all the essentials to achieve exactly that.

Shop my personal edit and the whole collection and get £25 off your first order by clicking here.

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