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Picture the scene.  There I am, in Charles De Gaulle airport, dashing off (in a moment of grandparental supervision of my little terror) to see if I can find THAT Gucci belt that is sold out in my size EVERYWHERE (including there!) only to find the thing that I didn’t even know I had been looking for. Okay, so I had been looking for statement earrings – ones that I actually loved, ones that I wasn’t just buying to hop on the trend bus, ones that wouldn’t make me look like I was 11 and off to my first disco.  And suddenly, after weeks of looking, there they were… in the window of Hermes.  These gorgeous, can’t live without them, don’t mind eating crackers for a month to buy them, earrings.  I tried to resist, I really did.  I left the shop, I focused on other things (and by that, I mean I talked incessantly about them and tried to see if I could put off the borderline ridiculously priced purchase until I was back in London), until my mum told me to shut up and go buy them.  And so, dutiful daughter as ever, I did. And they are special. So special it seems, that I can’t find the red version to link to – you can get them in the US but they are obscenely more expensive.  So, in case anyone is looking for an investment pair of statement earrings (and wants to join me in my cracker diet), I’ve linked some of my other Hermes faves below.

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