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It’s Not Always Sunny in the Sunshine State

Don’t worry, I’m not looking for sympathy.  I actually quite like a slightly chillier beach day.  Firstly, because there’s something super refreshing and almost cleansing about a brisk walk down a windswept coastline – I can’t help but feel like the cobwebs have been swept and I’m clear headed and ready for anything… well for at least the next 5 minutes anyway.  And secondly, and perhaps slightly more superficially, I’ve been desperate to wear this & Other Stories sweater since it was delivered to me just before ill-timed pre-holiday order.  I love that it’s just oversized enough to be cosy, but not so much that it makes me look 6 (at 5ft 5, “oversized” can sometimes double as that “waiting to grow into it” look that my poor son so often is often forced to sport because of my ineptitude at buying him clothes that aren’t miles too big).  But anyway, I digress.  In summary, this is the perfect sweater whether you’re going for beach chic or city casual – pair with crepe pants and espadrilles for the former or cream jeans and white trainers for the latter – and I come bearing good news, it’s now on sale.  Shop the look below.


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