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From their effortless feminine silhouettes, beautiful fabrics and focus on the perfect fit to the sustainable practices that are at the core of everything they do, it’s hard not to love Reformation.  For those of you not yet in the know, Reformation is the sustainable fashion brand that’s fast becoming one of my all time favourites.  Yes, it is a little expensive.  But I can honestly say that I’ll be wearing my newest purchases for many seasons to come – the quality is amazing and the pieces are absolutely timeless yet somehow cutting edge in their simplicity.

Everything this brand designs is the very definition of investment piece… and I’m not just talking in the empty sense we all use this phrase to justify our latest purchase (I know, I know, we all do it!).  A purchase from a brand like Reformation is an actual investment… in a brave new world where fashion isn’t almost instantly disposable, where accountability is less about profits and more about being sustainable and where consumers like us can understand and make informed choices on the total cost of our clothes. Now if that’s not a good enough reason to love them then I don’t know what is.  I’ve rounded up my favourite pieces from the current collection below.

p.s. Did you know that up to two-thirds of clothes’ carbon footprint occurs after you take it home? Me neither.  For some super helpful tips on how to wash smart, head on over to their website by clicking here.

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