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Mara Hoffman

What’s not to love about Mara Hoffman’s eponymous label? Beautiful signature prints and some of the most flattering silhouettes around are staples of her inspired collections, which draw details from her own travels as well as the beauty in everyday experiences (hmm, not sure my everyday could inspire such beautiful designs). Now, I love black, my closet is filled with it… and the thought of kaleidoscopic colour palettes make me quiver. But there’s something about the combination of Mara Hoffman’s exquisitely bold patterns and ultra feminine aesthetic that is effortlessly chic and gorgeously understated in equal measure, something that even my colour-shunning self can’t deny.  So sign me up to black-lovers anonymous… because I’m turning over a new leaf… print (see what I did there?!).  Yes, Mara Hoffman is an investment. But it’s absolutely worth it – oh, and always buy it in the US if you can, it’s much cheaper there than it is here.

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