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Off Duty Vibes

Don’t we all just secretly (or not so secretly, in my case) love an outfit that feels comfortable.  The outfit that isn’t too cold, too short, too impractical – the outfit that’s just spot on for the occasion at hand.  Now for some reason, I feel like that outfit very rarely comes along for me.  I don’t know if it’s just me, but I somehow manage to turn up to an Italian lunch in a cream cashmere sweater or leave the house with one extra / fewer layer than required.  And yes, we all endure the impractical sometimes to look nice – if we didn’t, no woman in her right mind would ever wear heals… am I right? (Maybe that’s just me.)  But sometimes, particularly when we’re off duty, whether that means mothering or something else, we all just want to be comfortable. And that’s exactly what this look is all about – comfortable yet stylish off duty vibes.  I’ve linked everything below except the top, which I couldn’t find on the H&M website anymore.  But don’t despair, they do seem to have brought out an updated embroidery version, which I also really like, so I’ve linked that one instead. So ladies, kick off those heels and get your off duty vibes on…



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