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Sale Picks That’ll Actually Save You Money

Picture the scene… there’s a sale or some kind of bargain to be had and I lose all rhyme, reason and taste and buy anything and everything in sight. It doesn’t matter if it’s the neon pink sweater that I’ll never wear, the sky high heels that are totally impractical for my day to day or the jeans that aren’t the high rise I always stick to, they’re all going straight to my basket with a one way ticket to languishing in my wardrobe. But not any more.  At some point in the last few years, I had an epiphany – a serial minimalist in all other aspects of my life, I suddenly realised in the midst of an outlet mall that my cool headed approach went out of the window with the excitement of getting a bargain.  The issue?! I was getting a bargain on things I didn’t actually need or want, so it wasn’t a bargain as such, more of a total waste!!  So from then on I made a resolution – to never buy anything in the sale that I wouldn’t be prepared to buy at full price had I been able to afford it.  And so, I bring you my sensible sale picks – from leather boots that really are made for walking and cosy cashmere to staple coats you’ll be bringing out for many seasons to come – this is my list of the sort of cool headed sale purchases that you’ll be wearing out (not throwing out!!).


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