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The Perfect Winter Antidotes

It’s winter. Fact.  Today I was absolutely freezing, bracing myself in the wind and wishing I hadn’t dressed for the mild weather that we’ve seen for so long… which brings my attention pretty briskly to coats.  I have a couple of rules with coats.  1. I only buy in classic styles.  2. I only buy in classic colours.  Sense a theme? Me too.  But we live in coats for the best part of half the year and I don’t want a wardrobe full of bulky, super niche items that I know I won’t wear again.  There’s my new commitment to sustainability to think of and, of course, it’s harder to buy clothes and hide them from your husband when there’s no place to hang  them… kidding, sort of.  So in the spirit of wearability, here’s the 15 coats I’d happily hang in my precious cupboard space… and will be wearing for many a season to come.  Shop the edit below.

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