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You Are My Sunshine

It turns out I’m in a more committed relationship with my holiday wardrobe than I am with my London one.  I’ve realised that more often than not, it’s the same dresses, shorts and blouses – with a few additions here and there – accompanying me every year to warmer climes.  And why? Well, I guess it’s because I just don’t wear them as much (if only London was 30 degrees and sunny all year around), which means that when I’m looking to invest in something new for sunnier weather I’m always on the lookout for things that I will want to wear holiday season after holiday season.  Which brings me to this dress… it’s timeless and classic and everything you want in a sundress right down to the effortless shape and natural cotton.  I wish I could direct you to this gorgeous sunshine yellow one but it seems to be all sold out, so I’ve chosen two equally summer worthy shades.  And depending on which one you fancy, I’ve linked the black Jason Polan Wink Soludos for the oatmeal dress and the white ones for the Tuscan red.  I’ve also chosen this gorgeous Estee-Rose London bag as a substitute for my last season pom pom basket from Zara.



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